Commit to Grow Your Confidence

The world needs you as a Role Model Now!

Let´s be honest and make a meaningful change!

In these times of pandemic crisis - YOU need to raise your levels of confidence, be the Calm within the storm and step up to be the Role Model those around you deserve!

Your Mission, should you choose to accept it, is to – in 6 weeks or less – raise your level of confidence and become eXtraOrdinary in everything you Are, Give, and Do by committing to 9 simple habits that, if you DO THE WORK, will take you to your Next Level of eXtraOrdinary.



…felt like you have plateaued in life? Like you have already ticked-off those big life goals you had as a teen; of Education, a Good Job, a Husband/Wife/Partner, a House, a Car, Children… and maybe a dog ;)? And now you feel… Empty? And also perhaps guilty for feeling empty? Because shouldn’t you be HAPPY? You have achieved all these amazing things… Why are you not happy?

Or maybe you feel like you have so much more IN you! But you cannot seem to get it OUT?

Or maybe you think “if only I had more CONFIDENCE.. then I would go for that next level.”…?

Or maybe you feel like you have A TON of confidence but you STILL can´t seem to get to that next level that you deserve…?



…I have certainly felt that. Many times. All of them!

My confidence have been so low at times that I ALLOWED people to step on my soul and abuse me.

I still struggled through those difficult times and achieved those big goals – High Education, a Good Job with high pay, Married an awesome Man, built a fantastic house and became the mother of two amazing sons… but then what? Even though I had all that, and should have been happy… I fell into depression…



But as I was on the brink of a divorce… I finally decided to ask myself the difficult questions. Did I really want to split my family? Was working more hours at the job really worth missing out on 50% of my children’s lives?

My answer was NO. And that was the turning point for me. And the start of my SEARCH.

I read a ton of books and took courses on personal development, leadership, positive psychology, performance, motivation, relationships and more.

And I hired a COACH – one of the scariest but Best investments in my entire life! And in my family’s…

And I BECAME a coach.

Implementing and internalizing the success strategies, tools and habits that I learned on this journey totally TRANSFORMED my life.



So instead of sleeping on my own in the basement awaiting the divorce, fighting self-induced wars at work with people who “don´t get it” and still working more and more hours of the day awaiting burnout…

…I am now a PROUD owner of my own business at the same time as I am enjoying a flourishing family life with my beloved husband and our two sons.

My confidence in my self and my abilities to figure things out is sky high and I feel… eXtraOrdinary!



And that is why I want to make you this offer today that will help you get there – and get there FASTER. Faster because I have already done the research for you. And I have compiled it into an easy step-by-step process. And tried it out.

You don’t have to spend YEARS trying to figure this out. Because I have created…


the 9 Commitments to grow your confidence and become eXtraOrdinary

and in this 6 week online course I will give you the exact strategies, tools and habits you need to put in place to become eXtraOrdinary in everything that you Are, Give and Do.

I will give you the map and I will show you the way.



WEEK 0: Introduction. You will learn the 5 strategies to get the most out of this course (students have come back to me and said that these 5 strategies were worth the whole investment for the course…)

WEEK 1: Foundational Commitment (C0). You will learn the foundational belief about yourself that you have to commit to in order to succeed.

WEEK 2: The Stop Commitments (C1-3). You will learn what habits create a small-mindedness and poisons both your self-confidence but also confidence in and from others.

WEEK 3: The Start/Continue Commitments (C4-6). You will learn what habits create a growth mindset and increases your confidence, in self an with others.

WEEK 4: The Accelerator Commitments (C7-9). You will learn what habits accelerates your growth and keep you growing consistently over the long term.

WEEK 5: Wrap up and the Secret 10th Commitment (C10). You will learn the secret sauce to success – the 10th commitment and you will learn how these commitments/habits all work together to help you grow to ever expanding eXtraOrdinary levels in life.



Well, think back on the happiest times in you life… Aren’t those also times when you felt extraordinary and fully You?

What if you could GENERATE more times like that. On Purpose. What if most of your days were times like that?

What if you could wake up in the morning KNOWING that today is going to be a Gooood Day, because you know how to create a Gooood Day – every day.



Why should you buy THIS course?

First of all, because it WORKS. And it works because I have set it up to help you DO the work. This is not a 10 000 feet high flying theoretical course. This is HARD WORK. I meet you where the rubber meets the road and show you the exact steps you need to take. And I hold your hand while you are doing it.

Second, you will LOVE the structure of this course. It is organized way better than most courses I have seen so far – and I have seen quite a few ;)!

Third, I have built this course in a unique way to help you generate the Energy you need to learn better and grow faster. A big part of each module is an audio. As in NOT a video. And for each of these audios I invite you to listen to it while you walk, run or go to the gym or what ever physical activity suits you best.



And I want you to be better able to access ALL of you by opening up your mind and body through physical movement.

Because that´s what you are after isn’t it? Movement. Magic Mo(ve)ments!



Also, I have built in depth of implementation – to really Make it Happen for you.

After each audio there is a follow up video where I share case studies and my own learnings related to the teaching points in that module. And next to that video you will find an outstanding worksheet to better commit to and internalize your learnings.


SURE – You COULD figure this out yourself…

…but it will TAKE TIME! You need a plan. Do you have one?

You need a curriculum before you randomly search. Have you built one?

I spent YEARS trying to figure this out. You can shorten your learning curve to 5 WEEKS or less!

Of course I could also COACH you personally to eXtraOrdninary levels – and believe me I would LOVE to do that! However, that investment, for me to coach you exclusively one-on-one in person would be 20-30 TIMES the investment of this course.



And there is NO RISK because I will give you the


I am so convinced that you will love this course and be well on your way toward eXtraOrdinary already in the first few weeks that I give you a FULL 25 DAY money back guarantee.

If for ANY reason you don’t like it, just ask for your money back within 25 days of your purchase and I will give you a full refund – no hastle.



Can you afford to wait?

If you think you can – what about those around you that depend on you? Your family, your friends, your colleagues, your team… Will THEY wait? For you to finally rise and serve them the way that they deserve?

If you feel you can´t do this for YOU – then do it for THEM!



You deserve to feel eXtraOrdinary being YOU. And those around you deserves you Showing Up as the Best of You!

Sign up now to get 6 amazing weeks of world class personal development training – including the strategies you need to get the most out of the course (and of any personal development in life!).



YOU CAN BECOME eXtraOrdinary NOW FOR JUST 60% (!!) off of 2 795 SEK 
= 1120 SEK!

6 WEEK online course: the 9 Commitments to Grow Your Confidence and become eXtraOrdinary. 

Take me to the offer!

REMEMBER! There is absolutely NO risk.

You have a full 25 day money back guarantee. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied – just ask for your money back within 25 days of the purchase and I will give you a full refund, no hustle.

Looking forward to see you on our journey to eXtraOrdinary levels and how this can help us all to come out strengthened on the other side of corona!

Until I see you on the inside, as always – go out there and Be Your Best, Uplift Others and Make Your Ripples…

/Karin Djurback


“Wow! The introduction module alone was worth the whole investment. I will listen to the five strategies several times before I move on.” /Mattias


25 days Satisfaction & Money back guarantee.

Send me an email to: [email protected] 

I hope that you will take this chance to help your selt, those around you and the world to go strenghened out of this crisis. 

Until we speak, as always - Be Your Best, Uplift Others and Make Your Ripples... Today! 


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